8 Legit Ways to Make Money Online From Home.

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How to make money online can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, there are several legit ways to make money online from home using your computer and the internet. Here are 8 different ways you can use online to generate income while staying at home.

A-1) Blogging.
Launching a website is one of the best ways to make money online. While it might not be a viable money-making plan in and of itself, blogging has been shown time and again to be an effective tool for generating revenue. If you have good content that people want to read, Google will reward you with paid advertising and affiliate deals.
 Getting started with blogging is easy. All you need is a website hosting service, which costs about $4 per month. Choose a domain name and set up an account with Google AdSense or a similar service, and then start writing! If you don’t have any experience in web design or development, there are dozens of resources online to help you get started.
 If you decide that blogging isn’t for you, there are plenty of other ways to earn from home. Freelancing, for example, is a popular way for writers and developers to get paid. You can also start your own YouTube channel and earn money through advertising or by selling premium subscriptions. The opportunities are endless!

A-2) Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Affiliates can earn a small commission by promoting a company’s products and services, which is usually based on a percentage of each sale. Companies are looking for more than just an affiliate’s ability to send traffic; they’re also looking for traffic sources that convert well.

A-3) Drop Shipping.
Dropshipping is a relatively simple e-commerce business model that helps people make money online. Essentially, it’s about becoming a middleman between sellers and buyers: when someone places an order for a product, you purchase that item from your supplier, then send it directly to your customer. The profit comes from charging a small markup over wholesale prices. In other words, you create more value than what you paid out of pocket.
 In some ways, dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing. It’s also similar in that you never touch or store products — you simply order them from a supplier and have them shipped directly to your customer. 

The biggest difference between dropshipping and an e-commerce model, however, is that you’re not responsible for product storage or customer service.
 Since there’s a lot of competition in drop shipping, it’s best to partner with a company that can help you increase your conversion rates. They have tools and strategies for helping sellers increase their sales, including access to professional e-commerce designs and product photography. Dropshipping is particularly ideal for businesses who want to get started selling on Amazon or another major retailer but don’t want to deal with product storage or other headaches that come with having an inventory.

A-4) Ebooks.
This is one of the fastest-growing methods of making money online — and will continue to grow as print books give way to digital. There are two ways you can go about it: You can write and publish your own book, which involves considerable time and effort, or you can sign up with an affiliate program that will sell your book for you.
 To set up your own site, you can buy an online store through a website builder such as Squarespace or WordPress, or use a tool like Shopify. With one of these tools, you can create a professional-looking digital storefront and add products to it from any marketplace. (You could also use Amazon if you don’t mind selling products at their fixed price.) You’ll then have your own URL on which to start building an audience.

 You can also apply directly for an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with a company that’s selling products and agree to market them for a commission. If you decide that you want to write about these products, you can receive additional compensation if your site attracts new customers. This arrangement is straightforward and lets you keep more of your earnings since there are no middlemen (read: Amazon) involved.

A-5) Kindle Publishing.
Kindle publishing is a fast-growing industry that enables you to monetize your digital and print books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service. Authors are paid between 35 percent and 70 percent of sales revenue, and KDP offers a few different ways for authors to make money.
 For a one-time fee, authors can enroll in KDP Select. This allows them to offer their books for free on Amazon’s Kindle store for five days out of each 90-day period. They also earn a share of digital royalties based on how many pages are read. Royalties average 70 percent of sales revenue, but it varies depending on factors such as book price and digital rights management (DRM) setting.

 For those who want to earn money from their books on a continuous basis, there’s Kindle Unlimited. This is Amazon’s subscription service that gives readers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of titles for $9.99 per month. You get paid between 35 percent and 70 percent of sales revenue on KU titles.
 Finally, there’s Kindle Matchbook. This is a program that allows authors to include an offer for their print book at no additional cost when customers buy their Kindle ebook. While it doesn’t make you money directly, KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited do increase your chances of making sales because they help boost awareness of your books.

A-6) Product Creation.
Creating your own product is a great way to earn passive income and learn something new. If you’re an expert in any kind of field, you can create an online course or provide an information product like a book or consulting service. If you’re skilled at writing, try writing an e-book on everything from cooking recipes to photography tips for beginners. Once it’s published, sell your creation through sites like Amazon and share it with everyone you know.
 In addition to creating your own product, you can also get paid for promoting products through social media and other sites. Try out affiliate marketing by placing links on your website and driving traffic to a particular company. If someone follows through with a purchase, you’ll earn a commission based on how much they spend.

 Affiliate marketing isn’t limited to blogging, either. If you have a large social media following, try promoting affiliate offers on Twitter and Facebook. Share a company’s message and products through your unique lens, and then link back to their site through affiliate links. When someone clicks on that link, you earn a commission for your efforts!
 Once you’ve built up a solid social media following, become an affiliate for brands you believe in. Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based job; you get paid every time someone follows through with your link and makes a purchase.

A-7) Reselling Products.
Reselling products you already have or creating a business around collecting and reselling items is a simple way to make money online. It’s mostly passive, but you do still have to put in a lot of effort. That said, people who enjoy hunting for bargains and coming across cool discoveries in all kinds of places are some of our favorite people.
 If you enjoy hunting for collectibles, consignment shops and thrift stores are a great way to spend time while bringing in some extra cash. You can sell your unwanted items on auction sites like eBay or Craigslist, too. Just make sure you take clear pictures and good descriptions of all your items so buyers know what they’re getting before they bid!
A long list of resources you used throughout your journey through each month will be given below.

 Use coupons. The go-to strategy for many who want to save money is using coupons when shopping. While it’s not hard to find coupon tips online, some people don’t have time for that. The good news is that a few sites do all of the hard work for you.
 A great place to begin is Earny, which is one of several free price-tracking apps available. As with other price-tracking tools, Earny keeps an eye on your purchases so that you can get money back for any price drops. The app also watches prices at online retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom. All you have to do is scan your receipts, and it does all of the work for you!
 To really earn money with a price-tracking app, you’ll need to sign up for multiple services. Early tracks items are available through Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom, and more.
 If you have a lot of time on your hands, making money with price-tracking apps isn’t too difficult. The hard part is finding all of your receipts from across multiple platforms and then entering them into a system.

A-8) Selling on eBay.

There are more than 145 million eBay members around the world, so it’s not surprising that you can make money from home by selling your unwanted items on eBay. The easiest way is to sell what you already have lying around. If you’re planning a trip and need some extra cash or want some help with your holiday shopping, start selling things on eBay! You’ll be surprised at how quickly your unwanted items add up to real money.
 Another way to make money from home on eBay is through drop shipping. Instead of keeping items in stock, you only buy products after a customer places an order. Then you ship them directly from your supplier or another third-party site like Amazon or Alibaba and email your customer when it’s time for them to receive their order.
 The last way to make money on eBay is by selling your skills. Instead of selling physical items, you can offer yourself as a contractor and sell your services online. The best way to do that is by becoming a virtual assistant and hiring yourself out for digital work. This could include social media management, email marketing, or content creation.

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